Month: October 2013

Surveys – Important Tool in your Employee Recognition Toolbox

surveys-important tool in your employee recognition toolboxWhile all employees have opinions and ideas it is often difficult to gain feedback from them about such topics as new product introductions, employee satisfaction, general company policies and procedures, and more.  Employee surveys can be a valuable tool, but as Reuven Gorsht points out in this recent Forbes post, the average employee survey response rate is just a meager 30%-40%.  He offers some very valid points aimed at increasing employee participation and engagement.  In addition to these, consider incorporating employee surveys into your employee recognition program.

A capable incentive and employee recognition platform will allow for multiple formats, scheduled distribution, and seamless integration with your ongoing program.  While surveys gauge satisfaction, collect ideas and gain feedback, quizzes are perfect for product introductions, policy changes, coaching, and education.  Surveys and quizzes (when part of an employee recognition program) help increase engagement because participants are awarded points for on-time and satisfactory completion.  The process also adds an element of fun to what could normally be perceived as a mundane task.

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Community Service and Employee Recognition

Service projects benefit the community but they can also be an important part of your employee recognition program.  Planned projects help to build camaraderie, reinforce corporate culture, and provide employees with a structured way to contribute their time and talents. Coordinating a community service event may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning… Read more »

Employee Recognition: Not a Quest but a Journey

My last post – Recognition Matters Because People are Alike All Over – discussed some of the benefits of meaningful employee recognition and offered a few points for consideration.  Implementing an employee recognition program is like taking a journey.  Successfully navigating the “Path of Recognition” requires up-front planning (program design), the proper vehicle (program platform… Read more »

Hiring Your Weaknesses – Relevant to Employee Recognition and Incentive Program Success

I watched an interview recently of an entrepreneur who started a business based on a very creative and innovative idea, and now, several years later, she is a multi-billionaire.   She talked in the interview about her strengths being creativity and design, as well as never being afraid to try, even if failure was the end… Read more »

Performance Appraisals – Key to Employee Recognition and Incentive Program Success

It’s that time of year when many of our clients evaluate the employee recognition, customer incentive and employee safety incentive programs that they sponsor with an eye toward their continuation and/or expansion in the upcoming year. Curtailment and abandonment are also options, but let’s not dwell on those possibilities! In all seriousness, whether the news is… Read more »

Easing Into the Online B2B World: Utilizing Channel Sales Incentive Programs

A recent posting on the highly useful Marketing Profs newsletter provided some excellent insights into How B2B Commerce is Changing. The article, written by Ayaz Nanji, presents and analyzes the results of a survey of: — how business-to-business (B2B) interactions are changing, — why these changes are occurring, and — the challenges that companies face in… Read more »