The Memphis Experience from QIC

A great way to say, “Thank you … Thank you very much!”

Looking for a unique and memorable way to reward your top performers?  Have them talking about their experience for years to come?  QIC’s Memphis Experience is designed to reward high achievers – and is effective as a single event or addition to an existing program.

What is the Memphis Experience? It’s our exclusive event that rewards your top performers with travel to Memphis and a shopping spree through our distribution center.  Our version of a kid in a candy store.  Only with grownups, merchandise rewards, and Elvis.

So, what happens when a bunch of professionals are given 60 seconds to run through QIC’s Memphis rewards distribution center and grab as many goodies as they can?  Mayhem.  Controlled chaos.  Sheer joy.  They can fill their shopping cart with electronics, housewares, tools – the categories are endless.  Selected items are then packaged and bulk-shipped the next business day to participants’ homes.

We’ll design your event from the ground up – including travel, accommodations, entertainment options and reward selection – all based on your budget and preferences.

The Memphis Experience is a great team-building event that participants will recall fondly and want to repeat for years to come.  Come to Memphis – and experience the blues, the world’s best barbeque, and Bluff City hospitality!

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