IncenTrac® Online Points Programs

Incentive programs so appealing, they’re…well, exactly the point

To our way of thinking, technology that isn’t user-friendly doesn’t do much good. And easy-to-use technology that doesn’t perform useful tasks or provide relevant data is equally pointless.

We developed our web-based incentive platform with a focus on user experience and program management requirements. IncenTrac® engages program participants and surprises administrators by how easy and effectual these programs can be.

The flexibility of the platform allows you to include or exclude key features depending on your specific program requirements.  This allows for easy program expansion and the ability to run comprehensive recognition and incentive programs on the same platform.

IncenTrac® key features include:

  • an engaging participant experience,
  • social recognition,
  • gamification,
  • on the spot recognition,
  • participant education & surveys,
  • a full suite of administration and management tools, and
  • integrated program communications.

Contact us today to learn more about IncenTrac®, and discover how an online points program might help you achieve your business objectives.