Incentive Products & Services

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When designing your incentive or employee recognition program, it is important to first establish clear and effective program rules and processes. Our no-cost consultation services will assist you in determining how your program can and should work, utilizing aspirational rewards and meaningful recognition to deliver on-budget and on-target results aligned with your specific business objectives.

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The way we see it, the purpose of an incentive or employee recognition program is to delight and motivate people. The best way to do that is to exceed their expectations. Make participants feel like they hit the jackpot. Surprise administrators by how easy — and effectual — these programs can be. Our online points programs are extremely intuitive, mobile-friendly and rich with engaging, productive features.

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We take great care in selecting and offering thousands of top-notch products and travel rewards that will make a lasting impression on your incentive program participants. Offering trusted brands from every category you can think of, and a wide selection of travel products and services means they are sure to find exactly the right reward. We continually work with our reward partners to keep the offering fresh and action-inspiring.

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Program Management

Our in-house business development, account management and redemption services teams ensure an excellent experience for you and your participants. We’re hands-on with the latest techniques, technology and services - so you can remain hands-free and removed from logistical details and participant inquiries.

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