Rewards Fulfillment

Quality service is our pleasure

Your participants worked hard for their rewards.  The least we can do is work equally hard to fulfill their desires quickly.  That’s why we make quality fulfillment and customer care a priority – and focus on providing an excellent participant experience.

Merchandise – Two things ensure fast, efficient service: Supplier relationships and our onsite distribution center.

We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for quality and professionalism that has led to longstanding, solid partnerships – maintaining a fresh inventory of popular, household name rewards that hold major appeal to incentive program participants.

In an era of “virtual” incentive companies, QIC’s distribution center in Memphis allows for a “hybrid” fulfillment model unmatched in the industry.  We have the capability to deliver rewards directly from manufacturers – or, for the most popular or hard-to-source items – fulfill from our state-of-the-art warehouse.  We’re able to deliver most rewards within two weeks, and often in as little as 5-7 days.

Individual Travel – A trip feels less like a reward when you have to comb through flight schedules, hotel listings, maps, travel guides and an exhaustive list of other details.  We make travel rewarding, thanks to an exciting selection of travel products and concierge services.  We specialize in individual travel rewards and are dedicated in our mission to provide your participants with the opportunity to build unforgettable memories.

Just for You™ Concierge Services – A unique way to reward high performers. Participants submit their dreams and wishes, and we’ll fulfill them, no matter how creative or “out there” it may seem. We’ve procured pedigreed pets. Painted houses. Installed carpeting. Sodded lawns. Secured hard-to-get event tickets.  Sent families to locations around the world on dream vacations.  If it’s ethical and legal, we’ll deliver.

Redemption Services – Not just customer care.  “We aim to impress the heck out of you” care.  All our programs are supported by an in-house redemption services organization that aims to total participant satisfaction.  That’s why we offer a 30-day return policy on reward items.  If the recipient isn’t completely satisfied, we’ll make it right.

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