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Pop Quiz – How to Enhance Your Incentive Program?

Pop Quiz - How to Enhance Your Incentive Program?I’m a big fan of online quizzes and surveys, as I briefly noted in this previous post. And given how many of them there are these days, it appears that I have a lot of company.

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of such vehicles. They present both an immediate challenge – and immediate gratification (assuming you do well). In many cases, they provide an opportunity to learn something new. And, not unimportantly, they tend to be fun.

One of my favorite quiz sources – and one that I think demonstrates all the positives that quizzes have to offer – is the Pew Research Center. Here’s the most recent offering from that Center:  Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz. I invite you to give it a try, but I won’t tell you how I did!

Because of their inherent attractiveness, quizzes and surveys can be integrated quite successfully into online incentive programs. Let me cite an example from our own experience.

We have a client that runs a very effective and popular incentive program for its internal sales force. While sales volume is the primary driver of point earnings, the program web site also includes a robust offering of product and company knowledge quizzes as a supporting point indicator. For example, there were six quizzes offered during the quarter ending September 30, covering a range of topics from specific product features to company credit policies.

An analysis of the data from this program’s quiz module provides a couple of interesting insights.

1 – The module has very high degree of awareness and acceptance. For the past quarter, participants started and completed nearly 88% of the total number of quiz events (i.e., number of participants multiplied by number of quizzes). Clearly, the ability to supplement the primary point-indicator with additional, albeit modest, incremental quiz points, resonates with these participants.

2 – Participants with a high degree of engagement with the quiz module outperformed those that did not engage. The average participant ranking (based on number of total points earned) of those that had not completed any quizzes was in the lowest 10%. Now, I recognize that this insight may stimulate a “chicken-egg” debate, but it is logical to conclude that those participants that engage in ongoing education outperform those that do not.

As you contemplate enhancements to your 2015 incentive program design, I encourage you to look at quizzes and surveys. Here at QIC, we offer a range of quiz design and scoring options, all of which can be integrated into our proprietary online technology platform and can enhance your incentive program. We think that you’ll be pleased by the boost that this module provides to your program.  Contact us here or by phone at 800.621.9745.

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