Channel Sales Incentive Programs

In a world of options, everyone wants to change the channel … we interrupt this with a program

You sell your products or services through a multi-stage channel. You want your channel partners to promote your products’ key benefits. You want to know more about your end users.

But distributors and others in the supply chain have their own objectives, and may not promote your offerings as aggressively or effectively as you want. And the farther your product or service is from the end user, the less likely they really know what you’re about.

This is where we come in. Our channel sales incentive programs help motivate your “gatekeepers” to sell more of your products and services – and help you gain critical and actionable information about your ultimate customers.

We have a breadth of vertical industry experience.

  • Building materials
  • Electrical components
  • HVAC components and supplies
  • Automobile components and accessories
  • Appliances
  • Computer hardware and peripherals

More importantly, we have deep knowledge of the unique sales channels inherent to these markets. And we take time to understand your KPIs, your objectives and how your business works, so we can design a program just for you.

We then take this design and apply it to our proprietary Web-based program management technology solution, IncenTrac®, which simplifies the complexity of managing points and awards for recipients in disparate organizations.

And when your program participants are ready to use the points that they’ve earned, we offer a stunning variety of items: electronics, housewares, recreational gear, travel…whatever tickles their fancy.

Want to drive channel revenue by engaging dealers, distributors, and resellers?

Contact us today to find more about our channel sales incentive solutions.