Years of Service Award Programs

Making mountains out of milestones

One of the goals of a years of service award program is to reward employees for longevity and commitment.  The cost of losing and replacing experienced employees is estimated at somewhere between 150-400 percent of their salary, depending on the position.  Long-term employees are gold – especially in this era of wavering loyalty.  Celebrate them well.

Rewarding and celebrating career milestones shows that the company truly appreciates its employees – and leaves an indelible impression on the entire workforce.  Even if an employee can’t envision staying in one place for decades, recognizing and rewarding career achievement says “thank you” in a tangible and meaningful way, creates positive morale and promotes teamwork.

justrewards® is our years of service solution and offers the latest in techniques, technology, and services.

  • No-cost consultation
  • Custom program design per your specific needs and budget requirements
  • Customized, branded presentation materials
  • Program management through our sophisticated IncenTrac® online system
  • A dedicated account management team
  • Thousands of unique reward items
  • Expertly handled rewards fulfillment
  • In-house customer care

Besides encouraging retention, years of service award programs offer a natural vehicle to reinforce and communicate the organization’s culture and values.

Are you celebrating the career achievements of your employees?  Looking for a memorable, effective years of service program?

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