Employee RecognitionMy last post – Recognition Matters Because People are Alike All Over – discussed some of the benefits of meaningful employee recognition and offered a few points for consideration.  Implementing an employee recognition program is like taking a journey.  Successfully navigating the “Path of Recognition” requires up-front planning (program design), the proper vehicle (program platform and rewards), continual assessment (reporting and analysis), awareness of your surroundings (program ROI) and a vision for what lies ahead.

With the next few posts I would like to discuss this journey and how you can successfully plan, launch and maintain an employee recognition program that is rewarding for your employees and positive for your organization.

Employee recognition programs should reflect and reinforce corporate vision, value and culture – sending a strong message to existing employees as well as prospective candidates.  If you don’t have an existing program, consider starting with Years of Service awards.  Once established, other program indicators (objectives) can easily be added to build effectiveness and momentum.  Construct a comprehensive program that will enable you to recognize a variety of behaviors and accomplishments.

Up-Front Planning – Components of Program Design

  • Identify program participants
  • Determine program indicators
  • Assign value to indicators to establish budget
  • Establish issuance frequency
  • Develop program branding and presentation materials

The QIC employee recognition program is an example of this comprehensive model.  It is called Rally Rewards (our tag is Let’s Rally) and employees are recognized each quarter during Rally Rewards luncheons for significant career milestones and other important contributions.  The program is designed to recognize tenure, individual achievement and team contributions.  Employees are awarded points which are deposited into individual point banks.  Points accumulate and may be redeemed for lifestyle rewards from the Rally Rewards program website.

Rally Rewards program awards include:

  • Years of Service (points awarded for anniversary milestones)
  • Rally on Me! – for outstanding individual performance
  • Team Award – for contributions made to complete a special project or task
  • Perfect Attendance – perfect attendance for the quarter
  • Birthday – all employees celebrating birthdays during the quarter
  • Community Service – for participation in corporate community projects

Striking out on the “Path of Recognition” may seem daunting.  The journey, with thorough planning, will prove to be a manageable (and beneficial) endeavor.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about employee recognition program design, or if we can assist with your employee recognition program.

As Vice President of QIC, Jeff oversees daily operations as well as the company’s strategic marketing initiatives. He has 20+ years in the incentive and recognition industry with prior lengthy experience in retail marketing/advertising and consumer loyalty.

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