Sales & Marketing

Client Success Stories

Passing the Critical Tests

Situation: A leading US developer and manufacturer of molecular testing equipment and assays desired an additional tool to motivate its internal sales team to:

  • sell its proprietary testing equipment into more hospitals, and
  • convince hospitals to utilize a broader, more complete range of its diagnostic assay products.

Solution: QIC and its client developed a points-based solution utilizing the proprietary IncenTrac® platform in which each of three differently-focused teams of sales representatives were awarded for selling either capital equipment, consumable supplies, or both.

The IncenTrac® site was configured so that each team could readily and easily see exactly how points could be earned through attainment of objectives specific to that team’s job responsibilities. In general, these award rules were based on growth versus prior periods as well as increased sales of higher-value products.

The client captured performance data via, from which individual participant point awards were calculated and awarded monthly. A detailed narrative accompanied these point awards each month, in which sales leaders for each of the teams were recognized, thereby introducing an element of gamification to the program.

Results: Measured on an overall basis, this program generated a simple payback of nearly 9:1 when comparing gross profit to program investment. On a strictly incremental basis, the program payback was an impressive 7:1.

Exit surveys revealed that the program was immensely popular among the program participants. But, even more importantly, the client rated the program a 5 (on a 1 to 5 scale) in terms of effectiveness in meeting program objectives.

Fencing in Growth

Situation: One of North America’s leading manufacturers and wholesale distributors of fencing and perimeter security needed a way to drive increased purchases from its small to medium-sized customer base. They were able to identify those customers that they wanted to reach, but were looking for a creative solution that not only motivated customer purchases, but did so in a way that guaranteed improved results not only by year-end, but throughout the year.

Solution: QIC and its client developed a points-based solution utilizing the proprietary IncenTrac® platform which customers were awarded points for purchases.

Customers begin to earn points once their purchases reach a prescribed personalized goal. They also earn bonus points depending on how quickly they reach that goal, with higher bonuses awarded for reaching goal earlier in the year.

In order to maintain interest and enthusiasm throughout the year, the solution employs several communication tools:

  • A “progress-to-goal” graphic on each participant/customer’s unique program web experience that indicates the specific goal, current YTD purchases and percentage goal attainment,
  • A monthly email statement personalized for each participant that outlines percentage goal attainment or points awarded (once goal has been reached).

Program Results: During the first year of the program, purchases from this group of customers increased more than 20% and is on pace to increase further in the current year.

In addition, the program has reinforced the client’s industry-leading reputation and provided the communication vehicle to attract targeted customers through special points-based bonuses.

Cooking up Mouth-Watering Sales Increases

Situation: A baked-goods producer sought a rise in sales and profits by rewarding distributor loyalty and performance.

Solution: QIC designed and implemented a channel sales program aimed at increasing distributor sales and managed on IncenTrac® (our proprietary, web-based program platform) to efficiently issue points and monitor progress.

Distributors earned points for meeting and exceeding sales goals based on historical sales data. Program metrics were based on prior year/same-quarter sales, and points were awarded for meeting and exceeding individual benchmarks.

Program administrators used the comprehensive suite of IncenTrac® program management tools. IncenTrac® also kept program participants informed of individual status by providing real-time sales results to goal percentage, point issuance and point balances.

In addition, IncenTrac® highlighted the extensive selection of lifestyle rewards, and provided a hassle-free redemption experience for program participants.

Program Results: Program results were icing on the cake.

  • Sales increased 20%
  • Profits improved 14%
  • The program returned a 3 to 1 ROI

A Direct Line to Cross Selling Success

Situation: A telecommunications company sought to dial up revenue through its national call centers.

Solution: A QIC employee recognition program motivated call center customer service representatives (CSRs) to cross-sell and promote product bundling.

QIC designed and implemented an employee recognition program aimed at increasing bundling and cross-selling by CSRs in multiple call center locations. In addition to earning points for signing up new accounts, points were also awarded each time the CSR successfully encouraged existing customers to add a new service.

IncenTrac®, QIC’s proprietary web-based platform provided real-time reporting and management tools as well as an intuitive, exciting participant experience.

Program Results: Sales Growth in Double Digits

  • Sales increased 18% (5 to 1 ROI)