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Forecasting Incentive Success

Forecasting Incentive SuccessWe don’t get much winter weather in Memphis.  It does get cold, but as with ice and snowfall – that is a relative term.  Even the cold is short lived however, and if you wait a couple of days things usually are much improved.  For example, we are expecting temperatures around zero tonight and tomorrow night with snow and ice on Friday.  Saturday’s forecast includes rain and temperatures in the 60’s.

We started this week with sleet, snow and ice and some of the lingering effects are still with us.  Temperatures during the day are in the upper twenties so it has taken a couple of days to dissipate, but sunny skies assisted with that yesterday and today.  Compared to other areas of the country that routinely measure feet of snowfall and sub-zero temperatures we aren’t even in the conversation.  Even so, inclement weather can be terribly disrupting when it isn’t routine.

Driving to the office and home this week has been interesting and a bit exciting.  As I considered my roadway experience some thoughts emerged that parallel incentive program implementation.  A safe and timely commute depends on several factors – all of which are important.

  • Be Informed- Know what to expect. Do your homework in the planning stages – like staying informed of current weather conditions and the immediate forecast.
  • Have a Plan- Just as you should consider road conditions. Don’t take the same route because you always do.  Lay out the best route for success.
  • Take it Slow- Rushing an incentive program launch can have negative results – just like driving too fast on icy roadways!
  • Continually Reassess- Monitor progress and make adjustments. Don’t be hesitant to tweak program rules – but make sure your changes are based on sound analysis.
  • Get Feedback- Find out how the program is perceived by recipients. Just as you should watch other drivers to determine how road conditions are affecting travel.
  • Have the Right Vehicle- Some vehicles don’t handle icy roadways well – just as some incentive vehicles aren’t going to be the best choice for some applications. My motorcycle has been in the garage all week!

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