Human Resources

Client Success Stories

Creating a Healthy Culture

Situation: A large regional medical center sought to centralize their recognition efforts.  They were looking for a comprehensive solution that would allow for leaders to connect with their staff to drive core values, reduce turnover and improve HCHAP scores.

Solution: A comprehensive points-based employee recognition program with the capability for participants to receive recognition at both an individual and department levels.

In order to unify the over 900 employees at this facility, the program was designed and communicated under a clear brand that represented the medical center’s goal of creating a world-class culture which reinforced company values.  The program included several indicators.

  • Years of service
  • Outstanding monthly performance
  • Reduction in department turnover
  • Improvement and continuation of HCHAP scores
  • Committee and meeting participation

Managers were given access to reporting functions that would allow them to monitor and receive feedback on employee performance and achievement.  They were also empowered to recognize performance that exemplified the facility’s core values through the use of on-the-spot awards.

Program Results: The program yielded positive results in all targeted areas within one year of implementation.

  • HCAHPS scores improved by 12%-18% on average
  • Turnover was reduced from 22% to 15.9%, saving approximately $600,000
  • Retention of new hires was improved by 17%
  • Participation in Annual Engagement Survey was improved to 99%

Recognizing Safety and Service

Situation: National pest control company sought improvement in safety, employee attendance and retention while also recognizing employee years of service.

Solution: Comprehensive points based employee recognition program on IncenTrac®, QIC’s proprietary, web based program platform.

With several hundred branches and over 12,000 employees, an effective communications and reporting platform was required for success. Program award rules focused on safe and positive behaviors while encouraging accurate reporting.

Safety indicators addressed working safely, safety meeting participation, promoting safe practices and accurate reporting of unsafe conditions and near misses. Employees also earned points for a variety of positive behaviors such as resolving customer issues and providing exemplary customer service (part of which was based on solicited customer feedback). Punctuality and attendance were incorporated as well.

Service anniversaries were recognized by incorporating QIC’s justrewards® presentation packets and point issuance via IncenTrac®.

Program Results: The program yielded positive results all targeted areas.

  • $2.7 million reduction in workers’ comp cost – a 32% improvement
  • 10% reduction in absenteeism improved productivity, contributing to $1 million in earnings
  • $1.2 million savings realized by a 6% improvement in employee retention
  • Cumulative results yielded $4.9 million in realized savings (2.6 to 1 ROI)

A Whole Life Approach Yields Results

Situation: Productivity and profitability were being negatively affected by a costly trend of frequent accidents, high absenteeism and turnover.

Solution: A comprehensive, points based employee recognition program aimed at developing and reinforcing a culture of safety and positive behaviors.

The client was a national organization with multiple regions, divisions and branches, requiring a sophisticated incentive platform to accommodate its multi-layered hierarchy and award rules. IncenTrac®, QIC’s proprietary web-based platform provided real-time reporting and management tools as well as an intuitive, exciting participant experience.

We designed the program targeting safe behaviors, attendance and retention, and also included a component for “above and beyond” on-the-spot recognition. This encouraged supervisors and managers to interact more frequently and praise employees for positive performance.

Program Results: Healthy improvement in all targeted areas.

  • $800,000 savings realized by a 27% improvement in retention
  • $200,000 savings in insurance premiums due to reduced occurrence of recordable accidents
  • Cumulative results yielded a $1 million savings (5 to 1 ROI) 

Less Breakage for More Profits

Situation: A wine and spirits distributor was experiencing significant losses due to product breakage. Pick crews were sacrificing proper product handling in order to meet production quotas. Annual loss was $100,000 in damaged product.

Solution: A QIC employee recognition program designed to reward positive behaviors and a reduction in product spoilage.

We designed and implemented a simple, yet effective program which targeted breakage by identifying, reinforcing and rewarding safe handling practices. We needed to verify that production goals were reasonable and obtainable, and weren’t inherently the cause of careless handling. Historical data was analyzed to establish incremental (and realistic) performance goals – which helped make immediate improvement more obtainable and avoid an “all or nothing” award structure.

As goals were realized, employees were awarded points for maintaining achieved levels, and new goals were set for increased performance.

Program Results: Significant savings

  • Reduction in losses due to breakage to $10,000 in the first year
  • $90,000 in savings reflected a 3 to 1 ROI