Participant Experience

Taking surprise and delight to the next level

We believe the purpose of an incentive program is to delight and motivate people.  Make participants feel like they hit the jackpot.  Make it easy for them to … participate.

So, we developed IncenTrac®, our web-based incentive points platform, with intuitive navigation and rich features aimed at providing your program participants with a “rewarding” experience.

IncenTrac® features responsive design, so your participants can access their individual accounts from any device.  In addition to an exciting showcase of rewards (thousands of unique items) from only the best brands and travel destinations, IncenTrac® provides real-time at-a-glance performance summaries to ensure a high level of engagement.

  • Points earned by award type
  • Points redeemed
  • Available point balance
  • Rewards wish list
  • Order history
  • Order status

Providing a rich participant experience is further enhanced by incorporating one or more of IncenTrac®’s recognition features.

Gamification: displays customized leaderboards, progress-to-goal tracking, or elite status.

Social Recognition: makes it easy for participants to directly acknowledge others by awarding achievement badges.

On the Spot Recognition: drives engagement and meaningful interaction between managers and associates.

Wall of Fame Showcase: extends recognition company-wide by highlighting achievement.

Quizzes & Surveys: tests participants’ knowledge about products, safety practices, and other business and compliance information.

Surprise and delight? We’ll ensure a rich, rewarding experience for your program participants.

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