Employee Safety Programs

Keeping safe practices front and center

When it comes to employee recognition programs, none are more important or impactful as well-designed, properly executed employee safety programs.  Keeping employees safe at work should be an essential part of any organization’s mission.

Workplace safety is important for individuals – and the organizations they serve.  According to the National Safety Council, a U.S. worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds.  In one year’s time, a staggering 4,700,000 U.S. workers are injured while at work.

Employee safety programs serve to enhance safety culture by helping to ingrain safe thinking and safe practices in everyone’s work habits.  Over time, these become established and part of the organization’s DNA.

We’ll design a custom program featuring:

  • program management through our sophisticated IncenTrac® online system,
  • a dedicated account management team,
  • thousands of unique reward items,
  • expertly handled rewards fulfillment, and
  • in-house customer care.

We offer no-cost consultation and will show you how to effectively reinforce safety training, encourage safe behaviors and create a culture of safety in the workplace.

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