Year: 2013

Happy New Year from Quality Incentive Company!

Happy New Year from Quality Incentive CompanyWe wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!  Isn’t it hard to believe we’re saying goodbye to 2013?  The past year has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding – which is probably why it seems to have flown by so quickly.  We saw the completion of several initiatives begun in 2012, continued others, and launched new projects which will carry over into the New Year.  We added many outstanding new associates, continued implementation of technology enhancements, as well as the expansion of QIC’s recognition and incentive products and services.  All of these serve to position our organization and clients for even greater success in the coming year!

QIC blog Launch

One of the most exciting projects of 2013 was the launch of this blog.  We’re fortunate to have a diverse stable of authors (all contributors are QIC associates) who bring different perspectives and expertise to the topics pertaining to our industry and proper creation and execution of recognition and incentive solutions.  If you haven’t subscribed – please do so!

Rally Rewards – QIC’s Employee Recognition Program

To Rally means to come together for common action or effort.  This concept is very familiar to the QIC family, as we have long been working together to provide clients with superior products and services.   Rally Rewards is our way of recognizing, celebrating, and rewarding our associates for their valuable contributions and commitment to our success.  Career milestones and other significant contributions to the organization are recognized each quarter.  Rick Powers (Senior Buyer) was named 2013’s Rally Champion – as QIC’s top performer for 2013 – congratulations Rick!

QIC Product Spotlight – IncenTrac® Online Points Programs

Our IncenTrac® Online Points Programs set a new standard in employee, customer and channel incentive programs. A delicious catalog of rewards, combined with an extremely intuitive, feature-rich online incentive program platform, creates a powerful tool for achieving results.  IncenTrac® makes it easy for administrators and managers to award points for desired behaviors — i.e., purchases, employee excellence, safe work practices, wellness or whatever your key performance indicators require.  IncenTrac® is flexible – and powerful.

QIC Community Service Projects

Our 3rd quarter community project for 2013 sounded like light duty. We volunteered to work at Shelby Farms, a beautiful public park located in Memphis, and we thought our assignment was to clean up trails. The weather was very nice and we all looked forward to getting out and doing some good while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We were in for a surprise … upon reporting for duty we found out that our assignment was to spread mulch around trees on a berm along Patriot Lake. No big deal for our team! With shovels and wheelbarrows running full speed we attacked the two (rather large) mountains of mulch like we do anything else! We completed the project in under 2-1/2 hours … mulching a total of 166 trees. Great work from all that contributed! Upon completion we reflected that anyone can clean up trails … we’d rather do the real fun stuff. We all had a great time and enjoyed completing something that can easily be seen by park visitors.

Let us know if we can assist with your recognition and incentive initiatives in 2014!  Happy New Year!

Rob’s Top 5 from 2013 – QIC Recognition and Incentive Posts

We’ve had a successful and productive year here at QIC, with several significant additions to our team, numerous new program start-ups, and the launch of this blog. It’s been fun, interesting and entertaining coming with commentary on recognition and incentive topics that (we hope) have been valuable for our followers. It’s been insightful and enjoyable to… Read more »

Employee Recognition Engagement and the Endowed Progress Effect

One key factor in achieving early engagement in an employee recognition or sales incentive program is often overlooked – dedicating a small portion of your budget for enrollment or activation in the program.  This does not have to be a substantial monetary investment, but simply a little something to get the participant started while reinforcing… Read more »

Happy New (Recognition and Incentive Program) Year!

Almost everyone I speak with has been busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays during the past few weeks, and QIC’s account management team is no exception!  During the month of December we not only plan new recognition and incentive program launches, but many re-launches need to be in place by January 1st. … Read more »

Take Out Pizza and Online Points Programs – How Convenient!

I’ve discovered some interesting parallels between QIC’s online points programs – on the IncenTrac® platform — and take-out pizza.  First, I have a confession to make — I don’t cook (gasp!), and it’s not that I don’t know how or that I don’t enjoy cooking — I just don’t do it. It is time consuming… Read more »

Employee Recognition: Countering the High Cost of Turnover

A recent article by Jim Pawlak entitled “Turnover costly, retention less so” appeared in our local newspaper (The Commercial Appeal, November 17, 2013) about the high cost of employee turnover and how companies are struggling to find solutions that address the issue successfully. The article mentioned everything from implementing flextime, job sharing and telecommuting programs,… Read more »