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The Leaderboard – a Ranking Success

leaderboardWow!  It does work.

During our recent QIC business development team meeting, our VP of Marketing arranged a night of team building. We went bowling. Don’t know about you, but I haven’t bowled a lick for at least 10 years. For those of you who don’t bowl, let me assure you, at today’s bowling establishments you are transparent. Your personal score and your team’s score is available to everyone – wide flat screens above the lanes tell the story.  All eyes are upon the leaderboard, your delivery, and your reactions.

The personal pride began with the very first game. I had 3 strikes in a row.  Accolades were abundant.  My name and score were at top of the leaderboard. Pretty cool I must admit. I knew I was uplifting my team (and had brief thoughts of joining the PBA). But that wasn’t enough.

Then I noticed a coworker was neck and neck to me score-wise. My mantra was, “I gotta beat him, and our team has to beat those guys”. It really got the adrenaline going again. Must be my competitive self.  The point?   It was the “affect”…. of the leaderboard !

Much like in the sales arena, the visual communication and ranking served varied purposes. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. My team cheered for me. I cheered for my team.  My management could see my contributions and skill first-hand.  When I saw where we stood against our competition, it spurred me on. My desire to win accelerated my focus. And all because of that so prominent silly flat screen. Did it affect my psyche? You bet it did.

If you are not placing your sales teams in an arena to compete, I encourage you to give that “arena of competition” more purposeful thought. Our sales incentive rewards platform lets you decide when and where to implement leaderboards. Be it a direct sales team, or for your channel partners. Find 15 minutes to inquire about our online points platform for sales and its leaderboard functionality.  See firsthand how sales management can utilize point programs to unleash the competitive spirit for your team. The best part…you can skip the bowling.

PS … the 3 strikes in a row was the pinnacle of my evening. Thank goodness for team mates. I think I need a new ball …

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