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Tips for a Green Incentive Program

tips for a green incentive programHappy Earth Day!  It has been 45 years since the first Earth Day in 1970 and ever since we have used this day to reflect on ways we can help the environment.  Whether it is recycling aluminum cans, turning lights off as you leave a room, or biking to work or school there are so many small changes you can make that have a positive impact on our planet.

Many of the same concepts can be incorporated into your incentive program.  Whether your program is employee recognition, sales or safety there are several ways you can keep your incentive initiatives “green”.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Go Paperless: The days have passed when paper catalogs and order forms are required for an employee to order their Years of Service award.  Take your employee recognition mobile and have them order from a computer or smartphone.  Not only will this help the environment, but it will also be much more convenient for your employees.
  2. Reduce the Snail Mail: Communication with your participants is vital to the success of your program, but now you can communicate with them more efficiently using online communication tools.  As opposed to mailing point statements to them monthly, try sending them virtual statements instead.
  3. Reward the Green Choices: There are countless ways you can reward your participants for making green choices.  Some examples include:  awarding points for participating in a clean-up day at a local park,   rewarding customers who sign up for paperless invoicing, or recognizing an employee who safely prepares your cardboard for recycling.

If you would like to make any of these changes to your program reach out to your Program Manager or solution provider today.    Here at Quality Incentive Company we wish you luck on Going Green in 2015!

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