Year: 2013

Employee Recognition Programs Should Align with Company Culture

achievement-1When developing an employee recognition program for your company it is important to take into consideration the day to day personality of your company and its employees.  Below are some corporate characteristics and some suggestions on how to tailor your recognition program to fit these specific values.


  • Social – Social offices are generally home to employees who love to acknowledge and interact with each other.  Incorporating peer to peer elements into your program will give them the tools to enhance their already strong culture of recognition.
  • Metrics Driven – If your company is constantly setting and achieving goals it would be beneficial to work those same indicators into your program.  Giving special point bonuses for achievement of those hard to reach annual goals is a great way to motivate your team and keep those goals on the radar all year long.
  • Competitive – We all enjoy a little friendly competition now and again.  If this is something your company values consider placing a leader board on your recognition site.  This board will let all the participants know where they rank with points earned during a specific period.
  • Communicators – If your employees value “being in the know” regarding recognition program and company information consider sending out regular emails to your participant base.  These emails could include point balances as well as monthly corporate communication or program updates. Another suggestion would be including a monthly newsletter on your recognition site.

Remember when it comes to employee recognition programs make sure to customize it to meet your company’s cultural needs.  Work with your program manager to add new features and indicators that engage and inspire your employees.

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