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Take Out Pizza and Online Points Programs – How Convenient!

Take Out Pizza and Online Points Programs – How ConvenientI’ve discovered some interesting parallels between QIC’s online points programs – on the IncenTrac® platform — and take-out pizza.  First, I have a confession to make — I don’t cook (gasp!), and it’s not that I don’t know how or that I don’t enjoy cooking — I just don’t do it. It is time consuming and I’d rather just order out.

My absolute favorite place to order from is Domino’s, and I think I order from there at least once, okay twice, a week. As I ordered my pepperoni and jalapeño thin crust pizza this week, I asked myself- “why do I order from Domino’s so much?” I don’t love pizza and I’m fully aware of how unhealthy it is for you, but I DO love the convenience of ordering from Domino’s.

  • First, their website is easily accessible and a breeze to use.  It is so easy to get online, create a pizza, add a coupon and check out.
  • Second, you can create a profile that saves your favorite pizzas/order (mine is called The Usual) which makes placing your order 10xs faster.
  • Lastly, once your order is placed you can track your order through the whole pizza making/delivery process.

Convenience, ease-of-use, and meaningful content are reasons for my consistent engagement with Domino’s.  These also relate to IncenTrac® – QIC’s online incentive points platform.

Developed by QIC, IncenTrac® is a comprehensive, feature-rich technology platform designed to administer recognition and incentive programsIncenTrac® provides participants any-time convenience to manage all aspects of their account via program log in. Reviewing account information (points earned, points redeemed and available balance), program rules and news, browsing the rewards selection, and of course, shopping are all part of the participant experience.

Participants have control of their enrollment profile and can make changes whenever necessary.  A Wish List feature allows participants to save up points and easily redeem for items most desired.  Order status (with tracking) and order history are only a click away.  If part of the program, quizzes and surveys are easily accessed, completed and scored.

IncenTrac® also provides administrators with convenience and efficient program management.  All aspects of the “business end” of the program are managed via login authorization.  Awarding points, viewing point summaries, and retrieving informative reports (redemption rates, login history and number of points issued-just to name a few) are easily and swiftly accomplished. They can also add participants, print monthly scorecards, and track orders. Administrators have program information right at their fingertips. Organization is a key component to online programs, so participants can be organized by business unit, location, department, job title, or any grouping you desire. Incentrac also makes it easy to track multiple and disparate KPIs across these business units.

With IncenTrac®, QIC has reset the bar for online incentive program technology- just like the dominos website. It is sophisticated, convenient, and easy to use. And just as the world of pizza ordering is changing, so is the world of online points programs. We are always looking for new ways to improve our platform to be the most efficient and accommodating for our clients.

Contact us to learn more about IncenTrac®, QIC’s online incentive points platform.

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