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Wishing You a Very Special Thanksgiving

wishing you a happy thanksgivingWith Thanksgiving upon us we’re once again looking forward to a time of reflection about the blessings we often take for granted.  Much of our lives consists of getting the stuff of the day accomplished and it’s good to have a time to savor the relationships that are so meaningful.  It’s really all about that – letting those important to us know how much they are loved and appreciated.

To that end, we want to thank our clients for enriching our lives each and every day – for allowing us the privilege to participate in their success.  We value each and every relationship!

We are also thankful for our QIC family, which consists of many dedicated, knowledgeable and exceptional employees.  Thank you, QIC team!

Finally, we’re forever thankful for our families and loyal friends for their support and understanding.

So, to our clients, associates, family, and friends – we wish you a time of reflection, peace, and the opportunity to express how thankful you are for your those that mean so much to you. May you not forget the blessings we often take for granted – and may you enjoy good food, fellowship, and festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at QIC!

Seasonal Gratitude

The holiday season causes me to think about how we express gratitude and appreciation, both personally and professionally.  It’s important to show our appreciation to those who make daily contributions that enrich our lives at home and in business.  It’s also fitting to do this during the giving season.  Just make sure you aren’t “seasonal”… Read more »

Employee Recognition : When it Rains it Pours

For those of our readers who reside within the greater Memphis area, you probably have a special appreciation for my appropriately timed blog-post title.  Today the Memphis area has been under flash flood warnings for the majority of the morning and afternoon. The sudden downpour made me think about a challenge faced by employee recognition… Read more »

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation is a part of every day at QIC. From congratulatory emails, to a simple thank you- we recognize the significance of expressing appreciation – individually and with social recognition events.  Today, as I watched Jeff Edwards, VP of Marketing & Business Development, call in two long-time employees to thank them for their hard work and service,… Read more »

The Rippling Effect of Recognition and Gratitude

Alison Newman’s post – Expressions of Gratitude: Building Blocks of Recognition – was inspired by January’s designation as National Thank You month.  Alison discusses the positive impact expressions of gratitude and appreciation have on individuals when they and their efforts are valued by others – and the organization.  The individual, however, isn’t the only benefactor… Read more »