seasonal gratitudeThe holiday season causes me to think about how we express gratitude and appreciation, both personally and professionally.  It’s important to show our appreciation to those who make daily contributions that enrich our lives at home and in business.  It’s also fitting to do this during the giving season.  Just make sure you aren’t “seasonal” in your recognition and appreciation of others.

Recognition and expressions of gratitude are gifts to be offered freely and openly.  Consider the positive attributes of such giving:

  • Gift giving is often a pleasant surprise
  • It makes the recipient feel special
  • It creates emotional ties between the giver and recipient
  • It is often synonymous with a celebration

This QIC post entitled The Rippling Effect of Recognition and Gratitude points out the positive aspects of such giving, specifically when practiced within an organization and socially administered.

“Witnessing gratitude and recognition becomes a powerful motivator – enhancing (and even shaping) overall organizational culture and performance.  We speak about employee recognition programs aligning with company culture, and this is absolutely crucial.  But the game changer is the impact on your employees who merely witness positive interaction in the workplace.”

Margie Warrell, bestselling author of Stop Playing Safe (Wiley 2013), challenges us with this thought about inspiring and motivating others with recognition and praise:

“So my challenge to you is to make a daily habit of asking yourself who you could encourage – and then be more generous with your words than you have been up to now. You don’t need to wait for someone to accomplish some monumental feat before it’s fitting to direct a word of praise their way. A word of encouragement for something small or for someone in the midst of challenging times is far more meaningful and valued than waiting until someone’s crossed the finish line or won the gold.”

So, when it comes to recognizing others – personally or professionally – start with the giving season and give liberally and freely.  Then, continue that into the New Year as a daily practice … an everyday event.

Brant has compiled more than 25 years’ successful experience in the incentive, rewards & recognition industry. He is well-versed in the content, context and best practices to design and ensure effective and memorable programs. Brant currently represents QIC on the Incentive Marketing Association’s Incentive and Engagement Solution Providers Council and has been a speaker and workshop presenter at various industry events.

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