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Get Ready to Recognize: Today is Employee Appreciation Day!

Get Ready to RecognizeAccording to Recognition Professionals International, today is Employee Appreciation Day.  This RPI post lists numerous examples of different ways to recognize your employees on this special day.  Some include giving them a subscription to their favorite business magazine, getting a new gadget for the office, or treating your employee and their significant other to a nice meal.

Recognition looks different to everyone and can come in countless forms, as pointed out in the RPI article.  We’re always working with clients to discover new ways to recognize and express appreciation to employees.

This endeavor is aided by IncenTrac™, QIC’s proprietary program management system.  IncenTrac™ features a wide array of online tools developed to enhance program administrator and participant experience.  One such tool is U-Recognize™ – a recognition module that empowers employees with the ability to recognize virtually anyone in the organization.  With U-Recognize™, meaningful recognition can indeed come from anyone – and in real time.

For example, Mark in accounting can recognize and thank Katie in IT for helping troubleshoot a problem, thanks to U-Recognize™.  The module allows for a variety of client-driven options – all of which feature social recognition in the awarding of badges and/or points for achievement or appreciation.  So while today is Employee Appreciation day – IncenTrac™ and the U-Recognize™ module can make EVERY day count for recognizing and expressing appreciation.

Contact us here or phone 800.621.9745 to find out more about IncenTrac™ and U-Recognize™.

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