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Balancing the Intangible and Tangible

Tangible or IntangibleFor those of you responsible for overseeing your company’s recognition or incentive program, I encourage you to keep this title in mind.

Today’s world is so much about High Tech, and it is easy to forget about the “touch.”

This became even more apparent to me recently when we hosted an event for one of our clients.  The event, called the Memphis Experience, featured QIC’s Memphis distribution center and their program’s top performers in a shopping spree and gala.

The program participants had to compete throughout 2016 to earn a spot in the event.  All employees were eligible and received online recognition and points via our online recognition points platform.  The winners were chosen from the very top point earners.

The Memphis Experience was a successful culmination to an already effective recognition program, adding to it in both tangible and intangible ways.  Not only did the participants get to travel to Memphis and experience some of the city’s famous attractions, they ran through the QIC distribution center, grabbing TV’s, grills, luggage, and more.

Getting to go “hands-on” with hundreds of merchandise rewards was only part of the experience.  Every runner was introduced by the event emcee and fellow attendees and managers cheered them on.  The atmosphere was electric with excitement as music played and many got to dance with Elvis.

While each participant will long remember the tangible “loot” they came away with – being honored for their achievement in a special event like the Memphis Experience was truly a once-in-a-lifetime work experience.

In closing, we realize not every program can culminate in a Memphis Experience event.  Every program should, however, include both tangible and intangible elements – to create memories and touch-points that can catapult the engagement of associates, sales teams, and customers.

We can help you balance the intangible and the tangible – the tech and the touch.

Give us a call. A much better “touch point “  than another email.