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The Memphis Experience and Elvis Presley

The Memphis Experience and Elvis PresleySo, do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you first heard the news that Elvis Presley had died?  The date was August 16, 1977. It’s hard to believe, at least for me, that this month (August of 2014) marks 37 years since the passing of the King of Rock and Roll.

I was only 13 at the time, but I remember the day vividly.  Not that I might not remember it otherwise, but the fact that I’m a native Memphian, and Elvis lived (and died) in Memphis, his death sent shock waves around the city, waves that didn’t subside for months, if not years. The news of Elvis’ sudden death, and ensuing media frenzy, made quite an impression on Memphians, regardless of age.   On the day of his memorial, I believe most (if not all) of the city of Memphis were either glued to a TV or lining the streets watching the motorcade as it processed from Graceland (his Memphis home) to Forrest Hill Cemetery.  And now 37 years later, during the anniversary week of his death, Graceland will be visited by thousands of fans and admirers from all over the world, and we’ll once again be reminded of not only that tragic day in August when we first heard the news, but of a remarkably talented and gifted entertainer.

And so now you’re asking, “What does Elvis Presley have to do with Recognition and Incentive Programs?” Well, let me explain.  As a Memphis-based company, we embrace and celebrate Elvis’ Memphis roots through a program we call “The Memphis Experience.”  And on the ensuing 37-year anniversary of Elvis’ death, when he’ll be remembered and celebrated not just in Memphis, but all over the world, I thought it timely and appropriate to highlight this program.

The Memphis Experience, to quote our website, “Is QIC’s version of a kid in a candy store, only with grownups, merchandise and, of course, Elvis.”  It is essentially a shopping spree for program participants to gather as many reward items from the isles of our distribution facility in 60 seconds, filling their shopping carts with electronics, housewares, power tools, sporting goods, and much more, comprising some 20,000 reward possibilities.

This program is a fantastic overlay to most any type of incentive or recognition program initiative, with the highest achievers earning the Memphis Experience opportunity.  The program will be talked about among participants for months leading up to the event, as they track their progress to determine if they are meeting the “Highest Achiever” requirements to qualify for the Memphis Experience. And once they qualify, the excitement will build all the way up to the event; and once it’s over, memories will have been created that will last a lifetime.

The Memphis Experience is designed from the ground up based on your budget and preferences.  It can be a program by itself or an overlay to most any other incentive and recognition program initiative.  The shopping spree for rewards is a core component of the program, but also features the following options:  Group Travel and Accommodations, Visit to Special Attractions (e.g., Graceland, home of Elvis), Dining and Catering, Motor Coach or Limousine Transportation, Photographer/Videographer, Custom Décor/Banners, Local University Dance and Cheer Team, Even Referees, and last, but certainly not least, ELVIS (an impersonator, of course, or could it really be the King himself, since we all know he’s still alive, right?).

In keeping with a favorite quote of Elvis’: “Do Something Worth Remembering,” and consider the Memphis Experience for your next Incentive and Rewards Recognition program.

To find out more about the Memphis Experience contact us here or call us at 800.621.9745.