Leading from the Front - Developing a Safety CultureWhile researching ways leaders could communicate key safety incentive program messages to their participants, I came across a wonderful and informative post by Robert I. Sutton on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.  In his post Robert shares a recent discussion he had with Paul Anderson.  Their discussion was centered on the impact Paul had made while serving as the CEO of BHP Limited.

Although Paul’s results included profit gains and improved performance metrics, one area that remained an opportunity was the company’s safety culture.  The article continues to share Paul’s discovery of what he believed to be driving factor in the lack of safety improvement within his company — his own actions.  It came down to the fact that Paul was not modeling the behaviors he was trying to drive, and as he improved his safety behaviors so did his company.

Modeling the behaviors you are trying to drive is just one of the many ways that leaders can work to improve their safety culture.  It is also important that you reward and recognize your team for not only achieving the desired results but also for practicing desired behaviors.  Leaders should also keep their message clear and consistent (make sure you are driving the message and modeling the correct behaviors every time you walk the floor).

Robert and Paul discuss these actions and more throughout the post.  It is an excellent read for anyone trying to make an impact within their organization.  Contact us to find out more about safety incentive programs and developing a solid safety culture.

Michelle is the primary liaison between the client and QIC, and is responsible for the health and growth of the company’s existing portfolio of incentive and recognition programs. Previously she worked for a major retail chain where she led her team to achieve consistent brand standards and a positive store culture. Her experience has given her a passion for finding creative solutions to improve employee morale while increasing employee retention.

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