Telling the QIC Story

QIC Incentive and Recognition SolutionsI’m often asked where I work, and what exactly we do at QIC.  My response usually goes something like this:

“We design, implement, and run incentive and recognition programs that motivate people and drive business results.  We’ve been in the industry over 60 years and our custom business development and human resource solutions are supported by the latest technology, techniques and services.”

This always leads to further explanation about what incentive and recognition programs are and how QIC’s clients benefit from our solutions.  It’s always refreshing to engage others in dialogue about QIC’s purpose and mission.  Almost everyone identifies with the concepts involved and most have participated in some type of recognition or reward program where they work or shop.

It’s fun to talk about what we do.  We believe that our solutions, products, and services make a real difference for our clients – providing lasting, positive results.

It’s also fun to talk about who we are.  Our organization is comprised of talented, dedicated individuals working together to provide meaningful solutions and services.

Our mission and people make me proud to be a part of QIC, and I hope that sentiment comes through when telling our story.

Along those same lines, corporately, we launched our new website at the beginning of the new year.  Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to browse the new site to learn about QIC (if not, I invite you to do so).  We’ve since released a brief video that provides an overview of QIC’s capabilities and “tells our story.”

Are you looking for business development or human resource solutions?  Have an existing program that needs an objective assessment and perhaps an overhaul?  Take 90 seconds to view our capabilities overview and then contact us or give us a call to take advantage of our no-cost consultation.  We’d love to hear your story.

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