Building True Loyalty-Closing the Expectations GapAn article by Jim Tierney about a Colloquy study entitled “Global Strategy, Local Tactics” is very enlightening.  The study looks at loyalty programs in five different global regions and as Jim points out, exposes an expectations gap that leaves a large part of the market disengaged.  As a result, the majority of programs are not building true loyalty.

The author makes some great points about how the solution needs to be different depending on the market.  For example, a program in India should have mobile solution, because participants are used to using their tablets and smartphones for purchases.  This technology is still fairly new in the US, so that may not be an important factor for all programs in the US.

According to the survey results, approximately 50% of participants are not satisfied with their incentive programs.  While this specific example is written about consumer loyalty programs, it is an important lesson to keep in mind when developing a B to B opportunity as well.  If half of the participants in your program are not satisfied, there is a good chance that they are buying less from you and spending more with the competition.

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