Month: December 2015

Best Wishes and Happy New Year from QIC

Best Wishes and Happy New Year from QICA common topic of conversation at QIC (and probably in your world, too) this week is how difficult it is to believe we’re turning the page on yet another year.  Yes, it went by so fast.  Yes, it was such a blur.  Yes, when we were children time seemed to pass slowly.  Yes, the older we get the faster time passes.

While this seems true, I suspect it has more to do with our personal and professional responsibilities (life happens) and less to do with the earth’s rotation.  As a youngster in Ringgold, Georgia  (GO TIGERS) the school days seemed to last forever and summer breaks stretched on and on!

For many the New Year brings a time of reflection, recognition and resolution – and a desire to make the coming year even better than the previous one.  This often results in the formulation of resolutions – a list of desired improvements or achievements.  While I do recognize the value of this, consider the following before you finalize your list of New Year’s resolutions.

  • Be balanced in your assessment of the past and don’t focus entirely on the negative. I’m glad that New Year’s Day is closely preceded by Thanksgiving and Christmas – two holidays that bring perspective about the meaningful aspects of our lives.  Be positive when drafting a list of goals or resolutions.
  • Be fair to yourself. Set reasonable, obtainable and measureable goals (sounds a lot like incentive program design).
  • Limit the number of resolutions. Prioritize and focus on one or two things instead of eight or ten.
  • Assess progress each day and adjust as needed.

Like most, 2015 has been a challenging yet rewarding year for QIC, and we thank you for your support throughout.  On behalf of the entire QIC team, best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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