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Building Trust with Program Communications

Building Trust with Program CommunicationsThe design of any recognition or incentive program should be based on thoughtful consideration of the program’s purpose and potential for positive change.  Clearly defined, measurable objectives further increase the odds for successful results.  In addition, you must employ effective program communications to inform, engage and motivate program participants.

QIC’s IncenTrac online points platform is superb in helping to keep your program relevant and fresh.  With customizable branding, flexible landing pages, program information pages and the IncenTrac data available to administrators – the platform itself is a valuable program communications tool.

To further enhance program effectiveness and improve engagement, IncenTrac offers you the ability to reach out to individual participants with branded, personalized email communications.  Utilizing IncenTrac data, you can develop targeted program communications for automated distribution or any event-driven or special need.  We handle all the details, and campaign-specific reporting provides performance data for deliverability, open and click-through rates, and more.

Targeted, personal program communications facilitate the building of trust – one byproduct of a comprehensive recognition or incentive program.  As we’ve mentioned in other posts, incentive programs augment organizational initiatives and standards by substantiating vision, values and culture.  Your program isn’t solely responsible – but it plays a valuable role in building and reinforcing organizational trust.

As most of us have experienced firsthand, trust is foundational in any relationship!  Lou Dubois writes about the implementation of a trust strategy in your organization in this post – “When trust exists between employees and management, and more importantly with customers, business will thrive.”

Perhaps it’s a good time to examine your organization’s trust strategy – and while doing so – how a properly designed recognition or incentive program (including effective program communications) can positively impact culture, behaviors and performance.

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