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July – Incentive Program KPI Awareness Month

July is Incentive Program KPI Awareness MonthOK – I admit naming July as Incentive Program KPI Awareness Month is a stretch (and hard to say in one breath), but turns out it isn’t really that far off the plate (just a little bit outside).  We have no shortage of national awareness causes and events each month and July is no exception.  If you were unaware, you might find it interesting to know that the month of July is:

National Ice Cream Month

National Park and Recreation Month

National Picnic Month

National U.V. Safety Month

National Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

National Cord Blood Awareness Month

National Baked Beans Month

National Blueberries Month

National Bison Month

National Grilling Month

National Hot Dog Month

National Culinary Arts Month

National Eye Injury Prevention Month

National Purposeful Parenting Month

This is quite a list, and it’s not complete!  Naming months in recognition of certain events and activities is a positive – it can cause you to think of something otherwise forgotten and help create awareness for worthwhile campaigns and causes.  For example, July is also Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – aiming to improve access to mental health treatment and services for multicultural communities through increased public awareness. But having too many can diminish their effectiveness – it’s just too difficult to keep up with them all!

The same holds true for incentive program design and designating key performance indicators – KPIs.  While you can readily establish a list of goals, objectives and behaviors – be sure to prioritize them according to job function, business unit or area of responsibility.  Rank KPIs according to overall program objectives and their impact on the organization.  When assigning value, the top three to five will garner the bulk of your awards budget.  Issuance should be appropriate to performance, and having too many program KPIs reduces the available awards budget for major KPIs.

Having declared July as National Incentive Program KPI Awareness Month – take a few moments to reflect on your current program – or perhaps the one you are planning.  Examine program KPIs in light of quality and quantity – and contact us here for assistance!