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Recognition and Incentive Solutions – Partner not Pioneer

Recognition and Incentive Solutions Best Practices – Partner not PioneerA recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog entry by John Saddington entitled Look to Partner, Not Pioneer addresses a culture of innovation over partnership and how that may not always be the best solution to one’s business goals.  If you are considering a recognition or incentive program for your organization, partnering with a recognition and incentive solutions provider from the beginning can prove to be most effective.

This may seem obvious to some, but many professionals and companies as a whole spend too much time trying to build a better mousetrap while the easier and usually more efficient way of achieving your goal may be to partner with an expert while you remain focused on your own core competencies.  This can apply to all companies whether service industry or manufacturing – whether you are considering channel sales incentives, customer incentive, or an employee recognition program.

Every industry has its own vernacular and our industry is no exception.  From redemption rates on point balances to open rates for email communications, we understand the situation and make can make recommendations on how to address any potential issues that may arise with your program.  You understand your employees, your products and your operation and should concentrate on these areas – while we collaborate to design and manage your program to help you reach your goals. Every QIC program incorporates reward, recognition and incentive solutions best practices and features our proprietary online points platform.

John makes this point regarding partnering:

“What does this mean for newly-minted entrepreneurs and futurist-minded go-getters? It means that one should look to partner first and not always feel the need and compulsion to pioneer. In other words, your revolutionary idea might be better played out in concert with others and the great work that they are doing instead of you going off in isolation and trying to create the next big thing.”

As incentive solutions go – together, we can rid the world of “mice,” while separately they will continue to flourish…

Contact us if you are considering a recognition or incentive program – or if you need to rethink your current one.