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Effective Communications Improve Engagement

Improve Engagement with Effective CommunicationsEffective communications are instrumental to the success of any business, organization or enterprise.  As Rob Miklas colorfully illustrates in this postA Smoother Flight with Effective Program Communications – without effective communications your recognition or incentive program will most likely never reach its full potential.

Like regular announcements from the flight deck, pertinent program information should be effectively shared with program participants.   As I pointed out in a previous post, “communicating the program, its purpose (and its potential positive impact on the organization), and participants’ potential to earn exciting rewards is equally important.  It won’t matter how well you construct the program if the target audience doesn’t understand or has never heard of its existence.”

To achieve maximum reach and effectiveness, consider program communication methods from the outset and incorporate your communication strategy into your overall program budget.  Utilize methods that best fit your program participants and are consistent with program type.  These may include email campaigns, onsite messaging such as posters and/or banners, payroll stuffers, newsletter articles or program brochures/guides.  Social recognition events and consistent manager/employee interaction will also serve to validate program message and purpose.

Effective communications inform, engage and motivate participants – and significantly enhance potential program success.  Remember – the news you have to share is exciting and relevant to your participants.  Like most passengers who pay attention to the captain’s announcements – your participants will want to be informed of pertinent program information.

  • Inform – Your program design is sound – you have a clearly defined set of measureable and obtainable objectives.  You’ve assigned appropriate value to those indicators and weighted issuance to produce positive results.  Clearly communicating the program and its purpose is just as important to program success.
  • Engage – Your program won’t benefit the organization if participants aren’t actively engaged.  Consistent communications maintain excitement, remind participants about program benefits (rewards) and help to foster a healthy culture.
  • Motivate­ – Communicate individual and team performance regularly to encourage personal and corporate competition.  Engaged participants want to know where they stand – and how their performance positively impacts the organization.

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