Author: Doug Smith

Doug’s career spans 35 years assisting national companies and organizations of all sizes to achieve corporate objectives and improve performance. Doug’s expertise with sales channel, customer loyalty, safety and years of service programs has benefitted companies from all industries.

Employee Recognition – Always a Good Fit

employee recognition always a good fitLike your favorite pair of shoes or faded jeans – employee recognition programs are a good fit, regardless of organization or industry.  Sales, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, food service, healthcare, and virtually any other type of organization can benefit from a comprehensive employee recognition program.

Organizations providing goods and/or services in a competitive environment face common challenges, both from within and without. While external factors are difficult to control (competition, economic conditions, etc.) you do have direct impact upon your employees. Fostering positive behaviors, reinforcing corporate culture and improving employee engagement are all imperative – and implementing an employee recognition program can prove invaluable in building success.

While employee recognition is always a good fit – one size does not fit all.  Your favorite shoes or jeans fit so well because they are YOURS.  Likewise, your program should reflect your corporate identity, values and mission.  It should also address desired behaviors and goals while demonstrating the organizational value of each employee.  Above all, consistency and longevity increase employee recognition effectiveness, as long as:

  • The program is structured properly
  • Employees buy in
  • Employees understand individual and corporate benefits
  • Goals are clear, measureable and obtainable
  • There is timely communication and promotion of the program

I’ve been working with a healthcare client recently to design and implement an employee recognition program which will initially target turnover and recognize career milestones.  Following program launch, other indicators will be added every few months to keep it fresh and engaging.  Fully implemented, individual and department performance will be recognized and rewarded – and managers and directors will also issue on-the-spot awards, customer service Star Awards, and Employee of the Month Awards.

The program will be run on IncenTrac®, which will provide real time reporting and program results and keep participants informed and engaged with targeted email communication.

Your organization can greatly benefit from an employee recognition program.  But don’t just grab one off the shelf – make sure it’s a good fit (like your favorite pair of shoes or jeans)!  And remember, we can help with that.  Contact us here to find out more, or call us at 800.621.9745.

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