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Pay Attention to the Details

Details are Important

Several weeks ago, we began emphasizing a set of “exclamations” – behaviors that we want to be known for among each other and our clients.  A different behavior is highlighted each week, and we begin again at the top when the entire list is addressed.  So, we’re always reinforcing – exclaiming – a desired behavior among our team members.  If I seem to be going into a lot of detail, that’s because “pay attention to details” happens to be our exclamation of the week!

If you are like most, you probably keep a list of tasks, events, and important dates.  This list is probably tied to a scheduler or calendar.  Back in the day, “Day Planners” and bound “Daily Reminders” were popular ways to keep track of things.  Today’s technology enables us to maintain “to do” lists in electronic form, which stays up to date across all devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and can be linked to email, voicemail, web-based calendars, and CRMs.

While I embrace technology (loved the Sharp Wizard – and later the HP iPaq), I also still maintain a daily, written “to do” list.  I know I can go completely digital, but I like having a written reference in front of me.

Whether a written planner, electronic calendar, or some combination – it’s easy to become enslaved to our lists.  Tasks, obligations, and things “to do” can become just boxes to be checked.  Instead of focusing on the details, we miss the opportunity to be thorough.  While there is satisfaction in checking a box or marking through a task on the list, it’s short-lived when details are overlooked and a “completed” task must be revisited, revised, or repeated.

From the client side of things, confidence in you or your organization can be diminished.  Worse, deadlines can be missed which can negatively impact both parties.  When your list gets long, don’t forget to pay attention to the details – and refrain from the temptation to “check the box.”