Incentive Programs – Do You Need a Bigger BoatJust a few weeks ago, one of the most popular TV events of the summer concluded – Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  One reason for its popularity is our fascination and fear of those steely-eyed predators.  My two daughters and I love sharks – in fact, one of mine and my oldest daughter’s bucket list items is to go cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa.  Even our favorite movie is Jaws.  It has been said that Jaws set beach tourism back several years because almost everyone was scared to go into the water after seeing the movie!

Like a swimmer in the waters around Amity Island, you may have some concern about what swims beneath the surface when considering channel sales incentive programs or employee recognition.  You may be concerned with results or budget requirements, or perhaps participant engagement.  With thorough preparation and thoughtful execution you can swim with the sharks.  As chief Brody found out in the end, it wasn’t the size of the boat that made the difference, but one well-aimed rifle shot.

This post by Jeff Edwards discusses how instrumental proper incentive program design and communication are to achieving desired outcomes.  Just as you wouldn’t jump into shark-infested waters without proper equipment or instruction, neither should you attempt to implement an incentive program without first considering the key elements that are mission critical.

Michelle Chappell identifies three key elements in her post, The X’s and O’s of Incentive Program Design that help to insure the best chance of not only surviving, but thriving in today’s environment.

Venturing into the “deep waters” of recognition and incentive programs, there is nothing to fear from the murky darkness!  With proper planning, tools, and instruction you’ll be able to identify and deal with the sharks that threaten to impede your progress.

Ready to jump-start your business with a channel sales incentive program, or implement an employee recognition program?  Contact us – we would love to show you that “yes, it is safe to go back into the water.”

Keith joined QIC in 2000 and as Manager, Recognition and Redemption Services, is responsible for QIC’s Reward Travel and Just for You Concierge Fulfillment Services. He also oversees the production, assembly and distribution of materials in support of years of service and recognition programs.

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  1. Kendra King on

    That Keith guy is AWESOME! :) Being in H.R., I know how important engaging the employees is AND being able to work within the confines of non-profit budgets! Love the shark analogy brother!


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