First Down Sales LeadershipAs we are well into another NFL season, it dawned on me how relevant first downs are to the ultimate goal of scoring a touchdown. You know the rule. Advance the ball 10 yards in 4 attempts and you get to keep the ball.  And yes, when the team makes a first down, you hear a bit of crowd noise and coach’s cheering, but nothing compared to the roar when a touchdown is scored.   So what does this have to do with sales leadership?

As sales leader myself, I admit to sometimes setting my sights only on the touchdown – the big score! It is important, however, to recognize the value of first downs in the sales process:

  • Learning a new product or service
  • Establishing a client relationship
  • Perfecting a sales technique
  • Securing an important meeting
  • Leaving the first call with a commitment
  • Participating in a proposal

These are all first downs in the sales process – and worthy accomplishments.  Just like the crowd noise at an NFL contest inspires and motivates, your sales team members need positive recognition and acknowledgement when progress is made.

A well designed sales incentive program can do just that – recognizing and rewarding the down-and-distance accomplishments along the way to pay dirt.   When designed correctly, these programs reinforce your game plan and keep your team’s energy flowing and momentum building. Competitive people need that “pat on the helmet”!

We encourage you to explore how an online incentive points program can become “the sound of the crowd” for your sales team. Better yet, you and your management get to establish the rules unique to your team.  We simply lend our expertise and act as the assistant coaches to ensure a solid game plan. Start the process to show appreciation for “first down” accomplishments – igniting your team’s performance to carry your team over the goal line.

PS – Did you know the very first,  first down rule in football was originally conceived in 1882 and modified to what we still see in the game today in 1912? Guess it’s a mainstay!

Brant has compiled more than 25 years’ successful experience in the incentive, rewards & recognition industry. He is well-versed in the content, context and best practices to design and ensure effective and memorable programs. Brant currently represents QIC on the Incentive Marketing Association’s Incentive and Engagement Solution Providers Council and has been a speaker and workshop presenter at various industry events.

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