welcome to the sales teamNew Hire: But I’m not a sales person. That’s not me. Can you pull my application again, please?  There must be a mix up somewhere!

Receptionist:   Nope … says right here. You report to the Chief Sales Officer! They must have liked you, because they offered you the job.  If it helps any, I’m in sales, too.

New Hire: You? You’re the receptionist, right?  I’m confused.

Receptionist: I guess that’s one way to look at it. But I was told that it was my responsibility to make our first best impression.  Because I’m the only receptionist, some here actually call me the Manager of First Impressions.

New Hire:  I guess that makes sense. But I’ll just be taking calls and helping people with their orders.

Receptionist:  So you’re in sales, too – new Customer Service Representative.  Nice to have you on our team.

New Hire: Funny. I never thought of it that way. I guess this job is going to be a lot more interesting than I expected. Nice to meet you and happy to be on board!

Story ends. You get the point.  Sometimes the most important information isn’t conveyed during onboarding and beyond.  Every employee needs to know the importance of their role and its relevance to the company’s mission and objectives.

A well-planned employee recognition program can provide the conduit for this, reinforcing the culture and values of the organization, and aligned with the way employees work, how they think, and what they value.  Recognition based on culture and values can help to establish and maintain positive, progressive company performance through improved employee engagement.

Looking to change the culture of your organization, improve engagement, and drive positive performance?  We can help.

Just contact us. Our Manager of First Impressions will be happy to assist you.

Brant has compiled more than 25 years’ successful experience in the incentive, rewards & recognition industry. He is well-versed in the content, context and best practices to design and ensure effective and memorable programs. Brant currently represents QIC on the Incentive Marketing Association’s Incentive and Engagement Solution Providers Council and has been a speaker and workshop presenter at various industry events.

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