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Boosting Employee Morale One Step at a Time

Disengagement and lack of inspiration lead to low employee morale – the “silent killer” of the workplace. Low employee morale negatively affects atmosphere and culture, and subsequently decreases productivity, growth, and engagement. Additionally, as morale and engagement decrease, employee burnout increases.  In Lattice’s State of People Strategy Report 2023, data shows that 72% of employees may feel disconnected, and as a result the majority of HR teams are now exerting more effort than ever before towards the improvement of employee engagement.

So how can employers fight this lack of morale and engagement among their employees? Simply put – by investing in them.

 Harvard Business Review recognized that there is an ongoing discussion regarding employees not reaching their full potential, cultivating an undesired culture of low motivation. It’s necessary then to examine the possible causes. HBR noted three main categories: personal challenges, interpersonal issues, or your own leadership.

  • Personal challenges: Feedback is critical to show your employees the capabilities that they hold and make them aware of what excellence looks like. Their motivation is worth taking the time to invest in.
  • Interpersonal issues: Team dynamics are a key player in performance. Identify the opportunities you have to sculpt the overall team attitude into one of ongoing support and success. 
  • Leadership problems: Avoid the managerial sins, such as micromanagement and poor communication. Take time to determine how your team prefers communication and your use of authority in relation to their work. Time spent with each unique team member fosters a trusting relationship that encompasses feedback and recognition.

To retain and engage your employees, it is of high importance to create an appealing environment that nourishes them to excel and grow. Through this, people can rediscover their human qualities that drive them to put forth stronger work efforts. The well-being of your employees is a direct avenue to their success, and focusing on that as a leader can allow your company to reach new heights.

Employee Recognition – Positively Impacting Engagement, Morale and Performance

Employee recognition and incentive programs help improve employee engagement, lift morale, and improve performance.  Positive results, however, are not automatic.  Many times programs are implemented for the right reasons, but fail because of various factors directly tied to program design and communication. I was recently reminded of this through two separate encounters; one with a… Read more »