Month: November 2021

A Season of Thanksgiving

Happy ThanksgivingAs we said goodbye to 2020 and looked forward to the start of this year, the comparison was made between the previous twelve months and a roller coaster ride – and we hoped 2021 would be more like one of the smoother, less jolting rides in the park.

This year has been anything but smoother and less jolting – especially in the workplace.  Scott Miller, writing for Gallup, sums up the uncertainty that has many leaders feeling paralyzed.

“Return-to-office plans have been written, rewritten, delayed, shelved, and in some cases shredded.  Work-from-home requirements from employers have turned into work-from-home expectations from employees.  Businesses can’t find workers to meet pent-up demand.  And the unprecedented willingness of workers to simply quit is keeping leaders awake at night.  Then there are the explosive complexities, uncertainties, and frictions of new federal vaccine mandates.  And let’s not forget the reverberations through the global supply chain.

Miller goes on to stress that there is a way forward – and top-performing companies are taking action to improve competitive position.  By focusing on the “knowable” aspects of human nature and behavior (things that are true and will remain true) – companies can strengthen relationships, loyalty, and retention.  His focus is on development and career growth opportunities within the organization, and the significant role of managers to impact employee engagement. 

We believe the glass is half full – even given the ups, downs, and challenges mentioned above – because we know that the things that are true will remain true.  Expressing appreciation, acknowledging achievement, and consistent recognition help drive engagement.  And engagement has a direct impact on productivity, performance, and retention.

As we approach the year that will be 2022, I encourage you to express the gratitude and appreciation you have to your organization’s strong managers and loyal employees.  Do you have a system in place to consistently demonstrate this thankfulness?

While challenges remain, let’s remind ourselves of the progress achieved – and may that progress fuel our optimism into the new year.  The availability of safe and effective vaccines has saved lives and curbed the disruption of traditional holiday gatherings, public activities, worship, leisure, and travel – and for this we are very thankful.

On behalf of the QIC team – Happy Thanksgiving!  We wish you a day of reflection, peace, and the opportunity to express how thankful you are for those that mean so much to you – employees, employers, friends, and family alike!