Month: October 2016

Engaging the Non-Desk Employee

In a recent QIC post, Mike Sullivan’s wedding observations highlighted the importance of a mobile responsive website for the millennial group.  I wanted to build on that with an additional group – the Non-Desk Employee.  Many employee and safety recognition programs target a participant base who may or may not have access to a workstation computer.

When working with participants who do not use computers for their daily tasks, there are a few important aspects of program design to consider:

  1. Communication: Often times participant groups who do not sit at a computer on a daily basis may not have corporate email accounts (or they may rarely use them).  This can make communication of program initiatives a little more challenging, especially during the launch phase.  In order to most effectively engage this group, it is important to capture email addresses at first login.  This will allow them to opt-in to program communications even though they do not have a company email account.  Also – make sure that your communication strategy isn’t 100% reliant on email.  You may want to include supplemental printed material or a formal kick-off event to ensure everyone is knowledgeable about the program and its objectives.
  2. Access: Having a mobile-optimized web design for your recognition program is a must-have for these types of participant groups.  For clients with primarily Non-Desk Employees, a large portion of their total logins originate via mobile devices.  Another consideration would be to setup a link to your recognition site on any employee-accessible kiosks within your facility.
  3. Customer Service: You should select a recognition solution provider that has a strong customer care team.  Sometimes a participant’s preferred method of communication isn’t email – they would like to talk to someone to assist with their redemption.  Having resources for your participants that can be reached in a variety of ways (phone, email, etc.) is essential.

When you are designing your employee or safety recognition program it is important to consider the characteristics of your participant base.  Work with your solution provider and account manager to ensure you have all the pieces in place to reach your participants – regardless of where they spend their workday.