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Getting to Know You … Employee Team Building

file0001179129151As a manager who moved locations often, I was always faced with the challenge of getting to know my new team over just a few short days.  Learning about my team members always made the process of employee team building easier and more effective, and it also enriched employee recognition.  One simple technique that I found useful was placing Getting to Know You sheets in the break room.  These were always full of fun questions aimed at doing just that—learning a little bit more about the new group of people I would be working with (they also were great lunch time conversation starters).  As we launch this blog I would like to try one of those questions out here.  Think of it as a “getting to know each other” process.

With the passing this year of legendary film credit Roger Ebert, I have been digitally surrounded with lists of his favorite films.  Reflecting on my own list, I must shamefully admit that many of my favorites contain cheesy love stories.  So here is my Getting to Know You question:  What would make your Top Ten Movie list?