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In with the New – QIC Website

In with the New QIC Website2016 was an eventful year that passed too quickly, and less than two weeks into the New Year (already), 2017 seems to be moving just as fast.  Typical of any given year, our organization initiated and completed several significant projects in 2016.  Of these, none was as exciting or rewarding for me (and our team) as redesigning QIC’s corporate website.

The new QIC site was fully operational as of yesterday, and the above reference to the passage of time is germane to this discussion, because our target launch date was January 1.  So, we missed by the aforementioned “less than two weeks.”  We are very pleased with the results, however, and hope our efforts result in a richer online experience for visitors.

Kicking off the project in Q3 last year, we identified several “must have” goals for the new site.  We think we achieved them all, but we’ll have to leave it to our readers to confirm or deny.

The 2017 website features several significant improvements.

  • Responsive design – the site renders beautifully regardless of device
  • Streamlined, contemporary format provides a more friendly, richer experience for our readers
  • Highlights QIC expertise and depth of services
  • Provides valuable information and resources
  • Shares QIC best practices
  • Informs about the effectiveness of the programs we design and deliver

Telling our story is always fun, but because we love what we do, it’s easy to go overboard and overwhelm.  We’ve made it much easier for readers to grasp our mission, solutions, and services with a more streamlined presentation.

There’s plenty of new content as well, such as the best practices video for internal sales incentives.  Regarding video, we’ll continue to post additional topics in the future, so stay tuned.

We hope you enjoy the new QIC corporate site and find the information useful.  Let us know if we can assist with an existing or future incentive or recognition initiative.