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A Seasonal Perspective on Program Strategy

A Seasonal Perspective on Program StrategyIt’s the middle of autumn. It’s getting darker earlier every day. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are still a month or more away. I know of many people (including me) who find that these seasonal circumstances can conspire to make them a bit sluggish. I’ve also seen companies that have been driving hard toward their annual objectives also “hit the wall” at this time of year.

And yet, it’s important to remember that a lot of the current year’s performance is yet to be realized – and that you can take steps to overcome the slower rhythms of this particular season.

At this point, I’m sure that you are asking “what does this have to do with incentive and/or recognition programs?” I can answer that with a couple of points which are centered on program strategy.

1 – If you have an existing incentive or recognition program, it can be a very powerful asset to deploy in overcoming organizational lethargy. Consider adding new features, such as on-the-spot awards, educational quizzes or surveys to drive important messages about year-end initiatives and objectives. New point-earning opportunities will be welcomed by participants planning to use their currency for holiday purchases. As a result, they are likely to be very attentive to the messages that accompany the opportunities. A more energized participant base should follow.

2 – And if you don’t have a current program, this can be a perfect time to introduce a short-term initiative. That could take the form of a well-crafted holiday-themed recognition or “thank-you” initiative. Or it could be a year-end internal or customer sales promotion that helps to drive the organization to challenging, yet attainable, objectives. In either case, these programs, accompanied by powerful communications, can provide needed focus for a targeted group of participants.

In closing, please be assured that there’s still time to act – especially if you have an existing program. Features of the type described above can be added in a matter of days. And while a new initiative can take a bit longer, it can be done expeditiously as well. Contact us today to find out exactly how we can help assess your situation and reinforce or revise program strategy.

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