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Tis the Season to Drive Customer Loyalty

Tis the Season to Drive Customer LoyaltyI don’t know about you but with the Holidays fast approaching, I already have both my weeknights and weekends booked with parties, projects, shopping and more — I am really feeling the holiday rush!

It is during all of this hustle and bustle that companies may build stronger customer relationships – thereby improving customer loyalty – by going a little bit above and beyond their competitors in terms of service.  An experience I had recently while furniture shopping is a perfect example.

We had just learned that we would be hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Although our living room has plenty of space, the same could not be said in terms of seating.  My husband and I set out one Saturday morning with a goal of purchasing two chairs.  We were under the impression that this task would take only a few hours and by lunch we would be relaxing with the decision already made and the chairs on order.  Boy, were we wrong.

If you have been shopping for furniture lately you can relate to the stress that is involved.  As soon as you enter the store you are greeted by a sales associate who hovers around you as you browse the showroom.  You can never believe the displayed price because there is probably a sale going on that will end that evening forcing you to make an on the spot decision (and I will not even start with the 100 different grades of fabric, delivery fees, and protection plans).  Needless to say, after the sixth store we were about to give up on our chairs.  Fortunately we made one last stop.

Everything about the final shop was enjoyable.  A pleasant sales associate greeted when we walked in, but then just pointed in the direction of chairs (no hovering or pressure).  We found our desired style and then noticed the ticket price included the sale discount and allowed us to choose from over 300 fabric choices without up-charge.  Thinking there must be some mistake (or this sale would be ending in 5 minutes) we went to see our sales associate.  She informed us that the posted discounted price was correct, we could choose any fabric, and that the sale would be going on for two or more weeks.  She encouraged us to check out several fabric samples to bring home so we could make the perfect choice.  We took her advice and that furniture store has gained the lifelong loyalty of this Memphis couple!

So remember, when it comes to driving customer loyalty during the most stressful of seasons it is the little things that count!  By making one process a little bit easier for your clients, you can greatly increase their loyalty to your brand.

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