employee recognition when it rains it poursFor those of our readers who reside within the greater Memphis area, you probably have a special appreciation for my appropriately timed blog-post title.  Today the Memphis area has been under flash flood warnings for the majority of the morning and afternoon. The sudden downpour made me think about a challenge faced by employee recognition program administrators – How to ensure that they are awarding at the right frequency to keep their employees engaged and maximize the program’s benefits?

We’ve all been there one time or another – the company’s realization that improved employee recognition is needed results in a downpour of new initiatives (awards lunches, thank you cards, and way to go emails).  Unfortunately, more times than not, once the initial storm of applause passes you are left with a program that isn’t sustainable in the long-term.

Ken Makovsky comments on praise and recognition frequency in this Forbes.com article :

“In a survey of five million employees worldwide, Gallup found that a minimum of once weekly is the proper frequency for praise and recognition — i.e., it results in 56% higher attainment of customer loyalty, 38% higher results in productivity, and 50% lower employee turnover.”

Once a week may seem like a lofty goal to reach, but with the assistance from an online points program it can simple to not only implement but also to maintain. Contact us here to learn more about designing an employee recognition program that increases loyalty and productivity.

Michelle is the primary liaison between the client and QIC, and is responsible for the health and growth of the company’s existing portfolio of incentive and recognition programs. Previously she worked for a major retail chain where she led her team to achieve consistent brand standards and a positive store culture. Her experience has given her a passion for finding creative solutions to improve employee morale while increasing employee retention.

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