• Making Mountains out of Milestones

    I take pride in my career accomplishments. Milestone recognition is a meaningful demonstration of my company’s appreciation for my contributions and loyalty.

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  • Rising Above the Rest

    I rely on channel partners to sell my products. Channel incentive programs elevate my lines on their radar.

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  • Celebrating the Achievement of Others Just Feels Right

    I enjoy recognizing my peers and others in the organization for their accomplishments, contributions and teamwork. And it’s satisfying to be recognized for my efforts as well.

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  • Attracting Customers

    I deal with hundreds of buying decisions. An incentive program can set one supplier apart from the pack.

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  • Easy is a Great Incentive

    Our programs are fully supported, simple to promote and administer, and nicely complement your existing processes. You’re totally set up to succeed.

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  • Cutting Through Clutter

    I’m faced with loads of distractions on the road. Our employee safety program keeps me focused on safe practices.

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Motivating People.
Inspiring Higher Performance.
Delivering Results.

QIC at a Glance

About Us

Simply put, our mission is to design, implement and run incentive and recognition programs that motivate people and drive business results. It’s what we do – and with over 60 years in the industry we have the expertise to create solutions that integrate seamlessly with your organization’s overall strategy, engage your people, and drive the correct factors for success.

Looking for an effective sales & marketing solution to manage channel partner relationships, a team of sales professionals, or influence customer purchases and loyalty? In need of an employee recognition, safety, or other human resource solution, such as a years of service award program?

Our no-cost consultation services will assist you in determining how your program can and should work. We will establish clear and effective program rules and processes. And QIC technology, rewards and program management services will support you and your participants throughout the life of your program.

Programs That Get Results in the Real World.

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  • Tangible or Intangible Balancing the Intangible and Tangible - For those of you responsible for overseeing your company’s recognition or incentive program, I encourage you to keep this title in mind. Today’s world is so much about High Tech, and it is easy to forget about the “touch.” This became even more apparent to me recently when we hosted an event for one of... Read more »
  • Avoid Design Flaws Good Design is Good-Flawed Design is Painful - Do you notice products or devices that exhibit obvious design flaws?  Could be some tech gadget, household gizmo, or garage tool – when the design is inherently bad, the item is short-lived or practically useless.  This can be painfully frustrating if you purchased it. Back in the 1980’s a friend of mine purchased a Yugo... Read more »
  • Recognizing People Recognition is Universal - I’m a big fan of the Twilight Zone series.  I have DVD’s of all the episodes and I still watch them when I happen to catch one being shown.   One of my favorite episodes (along with To Serve Man) featured Roddy McDowall as biologist Sam Conrad who is scheduled to go on a mission to... Read more »

  • A Lifestyle of Safety Safety Should be a Lifestyle - When it comes to employee recognition programs, none are more important or impactful as well-crafted, properly executed employee safety programs.  Keeping employees safe at work should be an essential part of any organization’s mission, and we are proud to play a role in assisting our clients with this important responsibility. June has been named National... Read more »
  • Total Rewards for Sales Motivation A Total Rewards Experience - I recently attended the World at Work Total Rewards Conference in Washington DC.  Full disclaimer, I am not a huge fan of trade shows in general.  As an exhibitor, I feel like many of the attendees are just there to grab some free stuff and enjoy a day or an afternoon off from work.  As... Read more »
  • 5 Elements of Customer Loyalty Programs Got 5? - As frequent readers of our Blog will recognize, I am a big proponent of applying consumer loyalty program precepts in the B2B setting. Today, I draw your attention to a news item from the fine publication Colloquy – Want a rewards program that benefits both brand and customer? Incorporate these 5 elements., written by Kristen... Read more »

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Motivating People.
Inspiring Higher Performance.
Delivering Results.

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