Year: 2016

Effective Sales Training

Effective Sales TrainingI recently read an article entitled How Effective Was That Sales Training which described a strategy of replacing metrics-based sales training with a program of post-training communication between the sales team.  While I agree with the author’s opinion that the post-training communication between the sales team is important, I believe the metrics-based sales training can be equally important.

The main failure of the metrics-based sales training as described in this blog is that the participants do not communicate what is being measured until after the evaluation period is over.  I agree with author on this factor.  This sounds like more of a communication issue than ineffective sales training.

Effective Sales Incentive Programs

Sales incentive programs can be very similar in nature.  Many of our clients spend the majority of their time working on the indicators or behaviors that they would like to focus on with their sales incentive program.  Some will come up with a complicated array of measurements to help lead their sales team to success.  While that certainly can work, I can promise you that it won’t work without an effective communication plan.  I would argue that we have more successful sales incentive programs with a very basic award rule and administration structure, but a well-designed communication strategy.  As we have mentioned in several prior blogs, communication is key.

All of our programs offer monthly or quarterly participant statements indicating how they are performing in the program.  However, we have none who use success stories by fellow sales people as an additional communication tool to help show the sales team what success looks like from an actual, real-life scenario.  Instead of telling me about things that can help me be successful, show me!

If you are interested in designing a successful sales incentive program with measurable and actionable goals and an effective communication strategy, please feel free to contact the sales team at QIC.  Ultimately, the program is not successful unless it produces additional sales, and we can help you achieve that goal.

Engagement worldwide is what?

As noted last week, Gallup’s tracking of engagement in the U.S. over the past fifteen years shows little change in the number of engaged employees.  While this leaves much to be desired and much room for improvement, we should have optimism for future results.  According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform peer organizations… Read more »

Customer Loyalty Basics

In a recent article entitled The Perks of Being Loyal:  How to Build a Customer Loyalty Program That Works, Lucinda Watrous explains some of the many benefits of building a customer loyalty program.  While the specific programs highlighted are consumer-facing by nature, the principles can be applied to B to B environments as well.… Read more »

A Program Design Dilemma

Here at QIC we’ve had a recent surge in requests for channel sales programs, and this brings to mind one of the primary program design challenges common to these types of solutions. Channel Sales Background Before discussing that specific challenge, let’s briefly review the characteristics of channel sales programs. First, these programs are typically used… Read more »