Year: 2014

Employee Recognition: Do you know?

employee recognition do you knowOne of the most important aspects of planning your employee recognition, safety, wellness or years of service awards program is to know your employees. I recently met with the Chief Human Resources Officer and the Human Resources Manager of a client to plan their employee recognition program.  The CHRO is new, he has only been in his position for about 6 months; however, the human resources manager has been at the company for several years. The most interesting part of the meeting was when I began to discuss general program metrics, branding and communications.  The CHRO looked at the HRM and said “you know the employees a lot better than I do, what do YOU think will work best.”

First of all, I really liked his approach to make sure this program is a team effort among the human resources department. But what I found truly fascinating was that he really understood the importance of an employee recognition program. It is ALL about the employees! When you implement a program that your employees enjoy and want to be involved in, that is when you will begin to see positive results (increased retention, improved employee engagement, safer work environment, etc.).

I recently saw a quote by Angela Ahrendts that went like this: “Everyone talks about building relationships with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first”. These words ring true; your employees are at the very center of your company culture. Work on having a relationship with your employees, improve your company culture, and then see the results.

By understanding your employees, you will be able to incorporate your program into your company culture. Your company culture is not just something, it is everything. It needs to be the core of what you do. Employees need to be tied into the culture and understand exactly what the company is trying to achieve. Implementing employee recognition, safety, wellness or years of service awards programs helps in building employee engagement and reinforcing company culture. Find out more by contacting us here or calling 800.621.9745.

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