Shh! It’s a Secret

shh! its a secretThis article describes a secret loyalty program for Chick-Fil-A where customers are invited to participate and gain access to unique reward items such as free food and special tours.  What makes this loyalty program special is not all Chick-Fil-A customers are invited to participate.  They are made to feel like they are gaining access to a secret society and in fact they are.

While this particular scenario is an example of a consumer-based incentive program, this same technique is just as applicable for B2B programs – as mentioned in other QIC posts and best practices literature. It pays to be selective with your participant audience.  Often, your best customers or channel sales partners are not the most beneficial participants in a loyalty or channel sales program.  They are already spending all or the majority of their money with you, so it is difficult for them to provide the incremental revenue that your company needs to grow.

However, the second tier of channel partners that are currently spending more with your competitors have the ability to shift their buying behavior to purchase more of your products.  They may not spend one dollar more than they did in the prior year, but if the majority of your product that they buy goes up, you win!

You probably already know who this second tier group is that is going on trips with your competitors every year, so why not spice up the excitement a little by giving them access to your “secret” loyalty program?  Provide them with access to special events or faster access to your new product offerings. QIC’s concierge redemption service (it’s call Just for You) makes offering unique gift opportunities convenient and seamless.  Participants tell us what they are dreaming of, and if it is legal and ethical – we’ll get it for them.  Whether paying a child’s tuition, landscaping their property, or a remodeling project, we supply specific rewards that motivate and engage.

Contact us today to get the process started.  But remember, it’s a secret!

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